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Pokolbin Cider House Hunter Valley
Pokolbin Cider House Hunter Valley

Pear Nat? What’s That??

In the world of wine there are a few people taking the making of Pet Nats (or themselves), very seriously.

Well this one certainly isn’t serious but a fun drink all the same.

I guess this begs the question, what the hell is Pet Nat and what is Pear Nat?

Petillant Naturel is another grab of some other terminology to describe a wine that has not had much done to it. Naturel – natural, whatever that means in the world of wine. (I consider almost all wine pretty natural, grapes, juiced, fermented and then clarified for bottle, does the learnings and experiences of 100’s of years to perfect it, render it unnatural??? – but I digress!)

Petillante means sparkling in French so in Petillant Naturel becomes Pet Nat to describe wines that have not had much done to them and end up in a bottle with varying degrees of fizziness and varying degrees of clarity.

Like all things there are the good, (I’ve tasted a few stunners), the bad, (smelly and memorable for not adding any joy) and the ugly, (the mistakes that won’t stay in the bottle and gush to get out – usually over your kitchen bench).

Hopefully this Pear Nat is in the good.

We really started as bit of a laugh and an experiment that came out of the play on words rather than the deliberate process to make a cloudy pear cider.

Pet Nat, Pear Nat – get it??? Dad joke – sums me up!

We did intervene in this a bit, prior to doing the fermentation of our Pear Juice we do clarify the juice. This enables us to start with a clear clean juice making our Perry, Passionfruit Perry the base of our Vintage Perry.

Part way through the primary fermentation, while the yeast turns the sugars in the Pear Juice into alcohol and CO2, we pulled off a small volume. We quickly chilled it to slow down the fermentation and then bottled it.

With still enough sugar to give some Petillant, bubbles (if you paid attention earlier), and the Cider Perry is warmed and finished fermentation in the bottle.

Our Pear Nat is the end result. Lightly sparkling cloudy Pear Cider (Perry)

Cloudy with residual yeast in the bottle, almost dry with only the Non fermentable Pear sugars remaining and with a generous mouthfeel from the combination of both. It still retains the Pear flavours and gives a bit more complexity to Perry without adding back Juice or sugars.

We were pleasantly surprised by our experiment and hope you like it too!

By the way – just remember to chill it well like all sparkling beverages, we don’t want it prematurely escaping from the bottle when you open it!


John Reid