Raspberry Cranberry Cider

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A blend of Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Delicious and Gala apples are juiced to give a fruity but crisp acid Juice
The clarified juice is fermented to dryness and then Raspberry and Cranberry juice blended at the end to give sweetness and retain the rich aromas and flavours.
Berry pink coloured
The raspberry hits you straight up front with the cranberry and apple contributing more to the palate.
The addition of the raspberry juice makes this super fruity and moderately sweet.
The acid tartness from the cranberries in particular make this sweet taste less apparent and keep it refreshing.
The Cider base gives some structure and mouthfeel so that this is more than just a juicy hit.
A fruity take on Cider which can be enjoyed anytime.
Try it with a dessert – pavlova or brulee, but would probably go just as well with some Duck pancakes or a spicy Asian meal.