Pear Perry Cider

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Pakham, Williams and Bosc’s Pears are crushed for the juice. The solids and pulp are retained to give cloudy juice.
Perry is the traditional name for Pear Ciders. Cloudy pear juice is fermented to just above dryness. The pulp lends some mouthfeel and character during the ferment. The cider is then clarified prior to bottling.
Medium blonde with a tinge of green
Crispy pears come straight to mind on the aroma. As it warms and evolves there is a slight funkiness. This has hints of cheddar cheese and dried fruit on a cheese platter.
Complex sugars in the pears give a complexity and depth of flavour.
There is a generosity that contradicts the relatively low sugar level. It fills the mouth and has structure and balance between the fruit acid and natural sugars.
The finish is refreshing and the flavours full. Fruity but not too sweet, crisp but not harsh.
See above in aroma!
A perfect match for cheese and biscuits. As a snack, before, after or as a meal. Good BBQ fare with a few chips & dips.