Passionfruit Perry Cider

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Pakham, Williams and Bosc’s Pears are crushed for the juice. The solids and pulp are retained to give cloudy juice.
Perry is the traditional name for Pear Ciders. Cloudy pear juice is fermented to just above dryness. The cider is then clarified and infused with Passionfruit pulp, prior to a further clarification and then bottling.
Light straw with a tinge of orange in the background
The Passionfruit is subtle but luscious. The aroma is fruity but not cloying.
The sweetness and acidity of the passionfruit blends with the complexity of the pears to give a luscious but refreshing drop.The pear base still comes through and gives some mouthfeel and structure so that the mid palate is full but not too sweet. The natural acidity of the passionfruit adds the final touch by giving a zesty zing on the finish.
Icy cold on a warm afternoon. With a fruit platter or a plate of nibbles.
Would go well with a chocolate mousse or crème caramel.