Dark Grape Cider

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Blending wine & cider – is this the Dark Side? The clarified apple juice is fermented to dryness and then Red Grape juice is blended at the end to give the luscious sweet, fruity aromas and flavours.
Cherry Red coloured
A real mix of fruits come out in the aroma – cherries, berries and grapes. There is even a hint of blackberry cheesecake.
Grape juice as an addition is a little different than expectations. It is fruity and fresh – Moscider?
The fruit is sweet and juicy and fills the mid palate.
The sweetness from the grape juice lingers and gives it the luscious finish.
Can we suggest breakfast? Maybe Brunch is more appropriate!
Pancakes, Waffles, Granola and Fruit, Eggs Benedict, try as you like.
Would probably go just as well with some canapés or tapa’s.