2019 Pear Natural Perry Cider

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New seasons pears are juiced and chilled.
Pear Nat – New age or Old school, not quite sure but this is a bit of a play with some Perry cider and the name Petillant Naturel associated with cloudy sparkling wines.
This is your “fresh as” Perry cider. Whilst the Pear juice was fermenting we rapidly cooled and naturally settled to stop the fermentation with a little natural sugar remaining. After bottling we allow it to warm and restart fermentation in the bottle.
The result an effervescent, fruity but dry, cloudy brew.
Gold straw in colour, Clear when settled but cloudy when stirred.
The nose is fruity and fresh and the yeast adds a bit of depth
With nothing but pears and yeast at work, what you see is what you get.
The natural sorbitol (careful, don’t drink too much) in pears leaves some mouthfeel and body. It’s dry but fruity and has fresh crispy elements combined with some robust yeasty notes.
An experimental cider, tell us when.
One for the adventurous, full stop.