2017 Vintage Pear Perry Cider

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Perry is pear cider. Cloudy pear juice was used to give mouthfeel and body.
This is the melding of cider with traditional winemaking techniques. Pear juice is completely fermented to dryness in the primary fermentation.
Prior to secondary fermentation in bottle, Traditional bottle fermented style – this Pear Cider was aged in a used oak cask for 6 months.
After a further year ageing on yeast lees it was riddled, disgorged and a liqueur added.
A green tinge comes through with the pear cider
The aroma is more of crisp pears than stewed fruit. We are hopeful of a subtle Oak note.
The combination of higher alcohol, oak and bottle ageing with Pear Juice adds layers of complexity. Pears have complex sugars which lend mouthfeel and depth to the mid palate. Mouth-filling and slightly creamy the addition of a liqueur enhances the fruity notes.
A special occasion cider.
One for a cider lover or an adventurous wine drinker.